When you’re laying in bed replaying it all in your mind and wondering where it went wrong or if you were just fed lies and he never felt anything at all….




Such a small word that contains so much.  We bury friends, family, pets, hopes, dreams.  Sometimes we even bury the living.  Many people even bury themselves and all that they feel.  That shouldn’t be a way of life.  If we bury too much we stop really living.  For good, ill, or somewhere in between after each burial we start again.





How do you want to go through life?

So many people are content to just sit in the passenger seat, looking out the window, watching life pass them by.  For a while I was one of them.  These days I’m more interested in being in the driver seat when it comes to life.  And so should you.  We miss out on so much we just sit and watch.  The driver seat, life experiences, they’re everything.


I have no interest in getting married and having children.  It has never been what I wanted. 

So why do people keep telling me that it is?  Why do people keep telling me that it’s what I’m suppose to do?  Don’t I know my own life better than you? 

It is my life to live as I choose.  I’m not missing out.  I don’t hate children, I just don’t want to raise them.  You can love someone, spend your life with them, and never marry them.  Marriage isn’t a guarantee,  it doesn’t always mean love. 

I Resist


I refuse to sit back and watch as this man behaves as a fascist.

I RESIST the destruction of the Affordable Health Care Act, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and anything that will harm a woman’s reproductive rights. 

My sister has had a heart attack, cancer.  She has lupus and dvt.  Without the ACA  she’ll never get coverage due to preexisting conditions.  The fact that we’re women shouldn’t be a preexisting condition but it is. Furthermore, if people are so pro-life, why take away healthcare from children?  They’re pro-birth not life. 

Planned Parenthood is about more than abortions and birth control.  They provide healthcare for women and men.  They provide preventative cancer screenings. 

As for women’s reproductive rights…..who is he or anyone  to tell anyone what they can and cannot do with their bodies?  If you want an abortion that’s your business.  If you want birth control that’s your business.  If you want to have as many children as possible, again that’s your business.

I RESIST stopping refugees, banning immigration, denying someone due to their religion, and building this stupid wall.  Unless you’re Native American you’re not from this land.  We are a nation born of other nations.  Muslim doesn’t equal terrorist. Christian doesn’t equal right.  Without immigrants Donald Trump would have no wives.  His wall is a threat, it is wrong, and if it’s built I don’t want to imagine the things that will happen.

I RESIST anything that doesn’t support LGBT rights.  LGBT rights are human rights.  It is not the government to tell someone who they can love or who they are. 

I RESIST a government that attempts to censor scientists and the national parks service.  How dare you try to censor fact. 

I RESIST his bigot ways, his hatred, his so called “alt facts”. 

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” —-Benjamin Franklin

This is just the beginning….Long live the Resistance.